Balance Simple Code and Expert Knowledge

I enjoyed reading What’s Wrong With This Code (#16) because it got me thinking about having in depth knowledge on a subject and KISS.

When I saw the code, I thought it was an overkill for the problem. In the comments I offered a solution that is simple and what seems to have solved the problem. I’ll admit that I’m not an expert on JavaScript and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone pointed out serious flaws with my code. While I make my way on the path to becoming an expert, I’ll continue to solve problems with simple solutions. Borrowing the concept Red/Green/Refactor, from TDD,

I think it is important for developers to follow the KISS/Learn/Revise model of development. It’s impossible for me to become an expert in every field. But I should be trying to become an expert in the fields that I deal with. Just like eating an elephant, I need to learn the technologies one piece at a time. The easiest way I do that is to glean from other’s insight. It is amazing how much useful information is shared through blogs. I make it a practice to read the thoughts of the leaders in the industry several times a week. More importantly I am sharing my own thoughts. I recently searched my name and found that other people have found some of my solutions useful.

In answer to how to become an expert while keeping things simple, my solution is slow and steady, one article at a time.