Getting Started with

I’ve been looking into to see how it works. There is a developer section with some documentation. So I decided to jump right in.

I’ve been following Workbooks and have completed the first three tutorials with no problems. On tutorial #4 however I ran into a problem. I followed Step 7: Create a user and logged in with that user on another machine. When I logged in, there was no data. The merchandise I added wasn’t visible, neither was the invoice I created. Do I have to make this data visible somehow, or am I missing something else?

I put my question into a Support site for SalesForce with no answers. After talking to a rep from SalesForce, I found I need to click ‘Go’ next to View. The user I created didn’t have any recently viewed merchandise. By clicking ‘Go’, All data was displayed.

I plan to finish the workbooks then try to use the db api to fetch data.

  • Adding Code
  • Customizing the UI