Travel Tips

After a fun getaway to San Francisco I thought I would share some tips I wish I had before I went.

Use an Airport Parking service.

We ended up using Blue Sky Airport Parking and was very pleased with the service and price.

Be ready to board the plane on time.

If you are the last one on the plane, you may end up in the last row of seats which are closer together and don’t recline.

Choose a hotel that has a hot tub

This is a must for a romantic getaway.

Choose a hotel that doesn’t charge for internet

This should be a standard amenity. I don’t like to be nickeled and dimed.

Choose a hotel that provides some food.

Again, standard amenity. I like when I have one less thing to worry about while traveling.

Look before you sit on public transportation.

I have witnessed first hand a man soiling himself on a bus and leaving a mess. It’s sad it happened, nevertheless, watch before you sit.

While in China town, only eat at restaurants where real Chinese people are eating.

The glare of bright fluorescent lights, lack of music, grouchy servers, overpriced mediocre food, and no customers except for the handful of tourist tricked into entering the restaurant may take the joy out of eating in China town.

Check flight times.

You may be delayed two hours. I would rather spend two hours in the city than in the airport.

Don’t sit on the row in front of the emergency exits on a plane.

These sets don’t recline.