How Apollo Group Evaluated MongoDB White Paper

Earlier this year, I did a POC around MongoDB.

The results were really interesting and I approached 10Gen if they would like to take the findings to a larger audience. It turns out there is a lot of interest in the community on evaluating MongoDB.

This paper is a result of many people who helped with the original POC, a lot of notes from the wiki, and months of editing and finalizing the results into something presentable.

This process taught me a few things:

Good documentation not only helps a project, but also writing a white paper The effort to reach out to the community can have large returns. Nothing is done alone.


Migrating from Oracle - How Apollo Group Evaluated MongoDB

Apollo Group was planning a strategic initiative to create a cloud-based learning management platform, and the project team knew that the existing Oracle database had neither the flexibility nor the capacity to meet their future needs. This paper shares the methodologies used to evaluate alternative technologies, and why they ended up selecting MongoDB

Many organizations are reaching unacceptable limits in flexibility and scalability with their relational databases, and as a result, they have begun to evaluate NoSQL alternatives. When the Apollo group began to build a new cloud-based learning management platform, it evaluated MongoDB against Oracle.

This white paper will walk you through the planning, process and findings of the Apollo Group’s 8-week evaluation. Download this white paper to learn:

  • How to analyze and access the capabilities of a new platform against your project goals and requirements
  • How Apollo Group rated MongoDB on criteria such as performance, scalability, availability and time to implement
  • 9 tips for evaluating NoSQL databases that meet scale and complex data needs for big data and beyond

Migrating from Oracle - MongoDB Hosted


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MongoDB Presentation