How Long to Deploy a Secure HDInsight Cluster

It takes a while to build a secure HDInsight cluster. In my case it was about an hour from start to finish.


About half of the work was setting up the VNet and configuring the Domain Controllers. The HDInsight cluster took about 30 mins which his about normal.

Some steps were dependent on other steps and also some steps were running asynchronously. I didn’t record when I started the process, so I’m using the time of the first time as my zero. Add a few seconds on for the first step to run.

Deployment step Time from Start (min)
Availability Set 00.00
Public IP 00.08
Load Balancer 00.11
VNet 00.26
BDC Nic 00.29
PDC Nic 00.31
Storage Account 00.31
AD BDC VM 05.30
AD PDC VM 05.70
Prepare BDC Script 12.80
Create AD Forest Script 23.90
Update Vnet DNS1 Script 24.10
Update BDC Nic Script 24.90
Configure BDC Script 29.70
Update Vnet DNS2 Script 29.90
Create Cluster 56.00